We've developed a multi-tiered service program serving Property Managers and Residents alike.

We understand every action and decision creates precedence. With this in mind, we work closely with property managers in the development, documentation, implementation and refinement of policies and procedures, allowing the property to maintain its status as a premier, luxury condo and apartment community. Our Service program includes:

Concierge Desk Services

Our Concierge Desk Service is designed to support residents and management alike by providing hospitality and concierge services from the desk or lobby area, and short errand services within the community. When providing these services, our uniformed, bonded and insured Concierges are on-site, providing the image, control, security and sense of community your resident’s desire. Our Concierge Desk Services are provided at no direct cost to the residents as they are funded by HOA assessments or CAM charges. 

Virtual Concierge Services

Offering the lifestyle you want is what we're all about. From airport shuttles to Zoo outings and everything in between. You ask and we do. We're easy to work with andhave been providing these services since 2008. 

Route Services

Our Residential Route Service allows our staff members to service your building and residents in a turnkey yet seamless manner.  Personal Services on demand is how we roll. This service assists apartment and condo residents by providing a systematic, regular and ongoing process of providing their general personal service needs 

Lifestyle Services

Our Lifestyle Services are the more extensive services many individuals desire. They are provided on an as needed basis and are pay as you go, billed directly to the requesting party.