Our Concierges manage the lobby area and run errands for your residents within the building and surrounding campus.

Counterparts has developed relationships with many of the premier condominium and apartments in the city and we’re providing many of their residents with quality, personal services as we speak. Many of your residents are already familiar with our services and are avid users. Our professional staff, unique operating systems, network of runners, and preferred vendor network make this all possible.

Our Services are what your residents are looking for. Amenities such as these lead to increased resident satisfaction, improved retention rates and ongoing referrals. A friendly smile, a personal greeting, and a sense of elegance each and every time make lasting impressions.  Counterparts’ staff work side-by-side with sales, leasing and property management staff to promote the property.  With strong customer service, attention to detail, hard work, system development, best practices, transparency, humility and managing by the documents, we work with you to help your location become a community and enjoy the benefits of a premier property. 


Our Corporate Concierges run errands for you from your workplace.

Whether it's in support of an employee, an executive or the company overall, we're ready to help with all those menial tasks that arise during the day and often distract your staff from focusing on their work. 

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